Thursday, 15 September 2016

Our Visit to The World Of Glass

I had never heard of The World of Glass until a couple of months back, even though I have done car boots in the car park next to it.  In the half term they do children's sessions they cost £3.99 per child - with hearing some fantastic things about the children's sessions it was a must in the summer holidays we did this with the girls' Auntie F, my nephew E and niece F.

We arrived slightly early so we could have a look around and see what else was there, the women on the desk said we could go in to the mirror maze while we waited for it to open.  The kids got stuck straight in we did have to remind them not to run which E realised really quickly why we told him not to due to him bumping his head by running into a mirror.

This is just stunning

The fun we had with the maze of mirrors
The fun we had in the maze of mirrors

The fun we had in the maze of mirrors
The fun we had in the maze of mirrors 
The 10-15 minutes or so went really quickly, we gathered the kids up and went to the room where we were doing the glass painting, the lady in there did tell me her name but I can't remember.  She gave us her full attention with us being the only ones there, she couldn't do enough for us.  She was so patient with the kids, gave them a helping hand if me or Auntie F were helping one of the other kids. We did other crafts while we waited for the first layer of paint to dry which was a fish mosaic which the girls left there and the lady put them on the wall, when we had finished making the glass painting we did a glass pane.

Glass painting
Glass painting
I couldn't get many photos of them doing the glass painting and other crafts due to me helping them and joining in on the fun.  We all had such a fantastic time the girls have already asked to go again when it is half term, Kacy and I want to go and have a go of the glass blowing because that looked like loads of fun and would be a fun daughter/ Mummy day.

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