Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Pet Parade Mummy and Baby

There is always a new toy coming out, sometimes you don't even know about it till you've seen an advert or your son/daughter sees it in the shop and says 'I want that!'  I had never hear of Pet Parade until I was asked if we would like to review the new Mum and Baby Pet Parade.

When we received it Summer was really excited to get playing with it, she loves anything animal based and the Pet Parade was no exception.

I don't know about you but my girls love anything small that they can carry around in their pockets or put in a bag and bring out with us and this is the perfect toy to do that with.  

You get the Mum who walks while using the joystick button on her back, her head and eyes move making it more realistic. The lead is magnetic so it's so easy to connect to the Mum and you can also push her along with it.

Mum and Baby
Mum and baby
 The Puppy comes with a magnetic dummy which is easy to place in her mouth, she also attaches to the Mum's tail and follow the Mum around .

Mum and Baby
Mum with her lead on and baby with her dummy in

Baby following Mum
Baby following Mum
 Each Mum comes with a little sticker so you can name your new friend what you want, Summer called her dog Bell.

Bell the dog and Baby

The Mum and Baby don't need any batteries to work meaning lots of endless play.  Why not go over to the pet parade YouTube channel where they have 14 Brilliant webisodes

You can see the whole range of Pet Parade families here the price for the Mum and Baby is £9.99

*we were given this toy for our own review and photo*

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