Friday, 2 September 2016

Sometimes A Book Can Be Better Than A Movie By Kacy Age 10

Have you ever been bored and just not sure what you can do? I have, numerous times I've instantly thought about what's on television. However, there is something better than a movie, a book.

Since I have been doing book reviews, I have been given the opportunity to read many amazing books such as, Geek Girl:All That Glitters, Harry And Hope,The School For Good and Evil: The Last Ever After, Dork Diaries, All My Secrets, Nathalia Buttface, Mabel Jones and the Forbidden City, The Shadow Keeper, Katy, Rent A Bridesmaid, Dotty Detective, The Other Alice and The Hundred-Mile-An-Hour Dog. I have loved the majority of books I have been sent to review. The books that I have not, however, I have gone back to read again and really enjoyed them.

It's magic, reading a book, you can follow adventures you would never dream about. With a book and your imagination you can travel anywhere, do anything. It can take minutes to fly to the other side of the world. Seconds to transform into a totally different person. You can live peoples lives with them.

Another good thing is you learn all sort of interesting facts in some books (I've learnt a lot from Geek Girl) and you don't even release your learning. For example I have learnt from a book that astronauts hearts get rounder in space and that fourteen squirrels were once detained as spies.

Many things can come from a book, you can do anything, put yourself in the shoes of anyone, the possibilities are endless.

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