Monday, 5 September 2016

Summer Holiday Fun with Beatrix Potter

At the beginning of the summer holidays we went to The World of Beatrix Potter in Windermere.  We have been there before and had a fantastic time; this time we went with Nanna, Grandad and Auntie Kristine.  We got there a lot later then we had planned due to traffic which delayed us by an hour, which meant we couldn't park where we hoped to park rather then a mile further down the road.

Typical 10 year old Kacy didn't want to go and moaned about it but loved it when she was there.

When you first go in you sit through a 5 minute film all about Beatrix Potter and all her stories that she wrote, it is really interesting to watch and listen to how she became to become a writer and that most of her stories are based on where she lived or places she visited.

It is beautiful set out, they have put so much effort and thought into all of it, they have a booklet for the children with questions for them to answer which makes them look at all the displays properly.

Puddle duck
Jemima Puddle Duck

Jemima puddle duck
Jemima Puddle Duck in her nest

Kacy with Petter rabbit
Kacy With Peter Rabbit and Grandad Photo bombin

Peter being naughty
Grumpy Badger and rabbits

well its Grandad
Well it's Grandad!


Kacy complaining she is bored
Kacy complaining she is bored

The garden was absolutely stunning, they put so much thought to it, it was only small but it had so much to look at and is so colorful.

The beautiful statue in the garden
The beautiful statue in the garden

Peter rabbits jacket
Peter Rabbit's jacket

The squirrels
The Squirrels

The Owl eating a mouse
Can you see the tail coming out of it's mouth and the two mice in it's claws?


Mrs tiggy winkle
Mrs Tiggy Winkle

Summer with the frogs
Summer with the frogs

Kira with the rabbits
Kira with the rabbits

I hope you enjoyed the pictures, we ended up paying £12 more and getting a years pass and just having to pay £3.50 when we go for one of the girls.  It's only half a day but we loved it that much and with it being in Windermere there is so much more to do around it that you can go several times in a year and not get bored ... well unless you're Kacy and ten.


  1. I remember going to the Beatrix Potter world when I was younger. I loved it too!

  2. This looks so cute. I went to Beatrix' house last year, but didn't actually make it to this place. Looks like a great thing to go to with kids.


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