Friday, 21 October 2016

3D Ravensburger Puzzles By Kacy Aged 10

We got the opportunity to review four of the 3D Ravensburger puzzles. They were a unicorn vase, an owl jewellery stand and two vanity boxes, an owl and a unicorn one. They were all aged 9+ except for the owl jewellery stand which was age 8+. 

Owl 3D puzzles
Owl 3D Puzzles

Unicorn 3D Puzzles
Unicorn 3D Puzzles
I found the perfect opportunity to try two of them out with my best friend K, I did the owl jewellery stand while K did the owl vanity box. First, we got all the pieces out and arranged them into piles of tens facing downwards so we could see the numbers. K found it easier to build the first layer and then added it to the base, then she went from there but the instructions said to build on the base. However, I found it easiest to just follow the instructions.

Me and K building the puzzles
Me and K building the puzzles
This isn't something I would have bought but me and K had loads of fun, we just needed some help when it came to putting the puzzles onto the bases. Here are the finished products:

Me and K
Me and K
The unicorn vanity box and unicorn vase were made by Kira and her best friend,A, they needed a lot more help building.They had loads of fun building it but as before they found it easier to build a layer before adding it to the base. Here is the finished product:

The unicorn puzzles
The Unicorn Puzzles

We all had loads of fun building these puzzles and it's made me want another 3D puzzle.

*We got given these puzzles to review, all the photos and opinions are our own*

Thursday, 13 October 2016

A Must For A Dog Who Pulls

Spirit is three and a half now and we have been through a few leads, Daddy will probably say a lot more though.  She has a pink lead which she has had since we got her - which we used for her when we took her to puppy classes and now it is our spare lead.  She also has a harness which I got from a horse shop near Daddy's work.  It was recommend to me by a Norwegian Elkhound owner who I met in the middle of Cheshire Oaks for all places; which I have loved since I got it as I am able to control her a lot better when we go for a walk.   As she has gotten older and stronger (and as she is a hunting dog) she has been pulling me to the point she has janked me so hard I have twirled around or one day she is going to break my wrist.

I have been looking for a while for a lead/harness that can help me with her pulling,  if she is taken off her lead and I tell her to follow me she will follow me for miles, put her on her lead she will pull me to Timbuktu!

Last week we had to go to the vets for flea and worming stuff for her and they always have toys and various other items in there and I saw a Halti but they didn't have her size.  While I was waiting for the vet; the receptionist and I got talking and she mentioned to me about the GenCon lead and it worked wonders on her dog who did excately the same thing, I text it to Daddy to remind me and went into see the vet.

We got home and I ordered the lead in purple, I did think about getting pink but decided against it, it was just too pink for me.

Today it has arrived and Spirit and I went to try it out just around the block, she wasn't very sure about it and did try to get it off her nose a couple of times.

Spirit looking good with the GenCon Lead
Spirit looking fantastic with the lead on
Spirit's ears were back most of the walk, she had enough length in the lead to be able to go and sniff the bushes or walk slightly ahead of me I was literally holding the lead with one finger.

Got enough lead to walk slightly ahead of me
Got enough lead to walk slightly ahead of me
As we got closer to home Spirit became used to the lead and started sniffing around and looking for the cats along the street.

A happier Spirit by the end
A happier Spirit  

This is the best thing I have ever brought her, I wasn't being walked by her, I wasn't walking her speed, we were walking at my speed,  I wasn't being pulled to a bush because she had seen a rabbit or another small animal.  We were walking at my speed, we had a nice walk around the block and if she did pull me I just pulled the lead and she slowed down.

Thursday, 6 October 2016

Vtech Kidi Superstar Review

We were given the opportunity to review the Vtech Kidi Superstar. At first I didn't know what it was, I thought it was going to be like a karaoke machine and in someways it is but it is so much better than a normal karaoke machine.

Vtech Kidi Superstar
Vtech Kidi Superstar
What you can do with it:

  • Sing along to all your favourite songs via a jack ipod/MP3 connection it even works with YouTube. 
  • Remove the main vocal track of your songs using the amazing Music Magic feature
  • Change the sound of your voice with the cool built-in microphone effects
  • Includes fun rhythmic games and tongue twisters
  • Comes with a built in colourful disco light with various styles that you can choose from
  • Record yourself singing and add in different sound effects
  • Suitable for ages 6+
  • Batteries Required: 4 x AA (Included)
It arrived whilst the girls were at school, which meant I could have a play on it first, and I did have a sing along with it. It was really, really easy to put together.

Me having a play around
Having a play while I am on my own

Getting Cheered
Getting Cheered

Singing along to Fun
Singing along to fun 
The girls arrived home with friends and soon went to investigate the Vtech Kidi Superstar, I had to lower it for them which was easy - I just took a pole out to put it to their height, they soon figured out what they had to do.

Summer and her friend playing with the Kidi Superstar
Summer and her friend playing with the Kidi Superstar

Summer having fun
Summer having fun
Since we have had the Vtech Kidi Superstar, Kira and Summer have played with it non-stop; it has also been to a kid's birthday party, the kids absolutely loved it like my two have and all wanted one for themselves. 

We were sent this from Rainbow Toy Awards for our opinions and photos 

ChillFactor Frozen Milkshake Maker Review

I had seen the something similar to the ChillFactor Milkshake Maker in the shops and thought they would never work in a thousand years! They are just another gimmick to get money from parents but I was totally wrong!  It does exactly what it says on the box.

Chill Factor Frozen Milkshake Maker
ChillFactor Frozen Milkshake Maker
In the box you get the cup and the straw/spoon and all you need to add is the flavored milk you want to use.  You put the cup in the freezer for 4/6 hours - I have found if you prefer a thicker consistency you'll want to leave it in the freezer for longer.  After the 4/6 hours you take it out and pour your favourite flavoured milk into the cup, you put the top on and turn the handle until it is as you want it. It's that easy Kira could do it, just needed a little bit of help turning the handle. 

Its that easy Kira can do it on her own
It's that easy Kira can do it. 
It is also really easy to clean it all comes apart and it's clean within seconds, which means you can get it in the freezer quickly for the next child or adult to use.  It was Summer's turn next to use it with her breakfast, because it was in the freezer for 12 hour's Summer said 'Its like a yogurt/Milkshake Mummy'

Summer drinking her milkshake
Summer Drinking her milkshake
You can get yourself one of these from here for £9.99

*We were given the Chillfactor for our own photos and opinions* 

Tuesday, 4 October 2016

U Hugs by Kacy age 10

On Sunday I had my best friend round and Mum suggested that this would be the perfect time to get the U Hugs out, I had never heard of them before, but when Mum showed me the photo I thought they looked really interesting.

When we first got them out of the packaging we thought they felt really weird, they were made of a soft plastic material and it was quite difficult to put all the accessories on at first but it became easier the more we swapped and changed. U Hugs have 16 holes for pins, you can also flip there shoes around for a different design.

After we got them out of the packaging 

We both had loads of fun playing with the U Hugs. My favourite part was the fact that you could swap all the accessories. It came with string and we weren't sure what the string was for so K's favourite part was hanging from a flap where it's bum would be.The flap was to put unused accessories inside.

Us changing the accessories
Us changing the accessories 
It was really fun to swap the accessories around. Although they did look a bit weird with mismatched eyes. You can use pins,eyes, mouths, wigs, clothes and shoes to personalize your dolls with.

After they had swapped accessories
Mixed matched accessories 
You can collect all the different characters-Sweety Robot, Time Off Elf, Snowy Girl, Thorny Flower, Lazy Hero and Cheeky Kitten, you can also collect just the pin packs for your Uhug I know me and my K will be getting more.

You can get these from Flair and any other major toy stores RRP £14.99

*we got given these in exchange for our own views and photos*

Minnie Mouse Kitchen Review

Summer has always wanted a play kitchen and due to limited space it just wasn't possible, I had seen the small knee high ones and to be honest they looked flimsy and not worth the money.  Well I have been proved totally wrong and wished I had spent the money and got her one years ago.

The day we received it; Summer was in a right mood after being picked up from school.  I told her I had a surprise for her when we got home but that didn't brighten her mood, until she saw what I had for her.  She was over the moon with what we had to review, as you can tell by the picture below.

Summer waiting for me to open it
Summer waiting for me to open it 

Summer immediately asked me to get it out for her and we could put it up together (in her own little words).

We got everything out of the box and between Summer and I we put the kitchen together, I like putting stickers how the picture shows but Summer likes putting them where she likes.

Me and Summer getting the kitchen ready for her to play
Me and Summer getting the kitchen ready for her to play 

Included with the kitchen you get 40+ accessories (I did count them) and what was even better, there was enough with the kitchen to get Summer using her imagination and get playing while I was putting stickers on without having to go out and buy items for her to play with it. Whilst we were putting it together we noticed that the grid part of the kitchen pulls up and turns into a mixer and stays up with a little clip which Summer can do with no help which is fantastic 

All the accessories you get
All the accessories you get 

This is a fantastic little kitchen and Summer has had hours of playing. On the many occasions she has asked me to keep an eye on her cakes, all of a sudden from upstairs she has shouted 'my oven is going off' 

The End Results
The end results

*I got this to review for my own photos and thoughts*