Friday, 21 October 2016

3D Ravensburger Puzzles By Kacy Aged 10

We got the opportunity to review four of the 3D Ravensburger puzzles. They were a unicorn vase, an owl jewellery stand and two vanity boxes, an owl and a unicorn one. They were all aged 9+ except for the owl jewellery stand which was age 8+. 

Owl 3D puzzles
Owl 3D Puzzles

Unicorn 3D Puzzles
Unicorn 3D Puzzles
I found the perfect opportunity to try two of them out with my best friend K, I did the owl jewellery stand while K did the owl vanity box. First, we got all the pieces out and arranged them into piles of tens facing downwards so we could see the numbers. K found it easier to build the first layer and then added it to the base, then she went from there but the instructions said to build on the base. However, I found it easiest to just follow the instructions.

Me and K building the puzzles
Me and K building the puzzles
This isn't something I would have bought but me and K had loads of fun, we just needed some help when it came to putting the puzzles onto the bases. Here are the finished products:

Me and K
Me and K
The unicorn vanity box and unicorn vase were made by Kira and her best friend,A, they needed a lot more help building.They had loads of fun building it but as before they found it easier to build a layer before adding it to the base. Here is the finished product:

The unicorn puzzles
The Unicorn Puzzles

We all had loads of fun building these puzzles and it's made me want another 3D puzzle.

*We got given these puzzles to review, all the photos and opinions are our own*

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