Thursday, 6 October 2016

ChillFactor Frozen Milkshake Maker Review

I had seen the something similar to the ChillFactor Milkshake Maker in the shops and thought they would never work in a thousand years! They are just another gimmick to get money from parents but I was totally wrong!  It does exactly what it says on the box.

Chill Factor Frozen Milkshake Maker
ChillFactor Frozen Milkshake Maker
In the box you get the cup and the straw/spoon and all you need to add is the flavored milk you want to use.  You put the cup in the freezer for 4/6 hours - I have found if you prefer a thicker consistency you'll want to leave it in the freezer for longer.  After the 4/6 hours you take it out and pour your favourite flavoured milk into the cup, you put the top on and turn the handle until it is as you want it. It's that easy Kira could do it, just needed a little bit of help turning the handle. 

Its that easy Kira can do it on her own
It's that easy Kira can do it. 
It is also really easy to clean it all comes apart and it's clean within seconds, which means you can get it in the freezer quickly for the next child or adult to use.  It was Summer's turn next to use it with her breakfast, because it was in the freezer for 12 hour's Summer said 'Its like a yogurt/Milkshake Mummy'

Summer drinking her milkshake
Summer Drinking her milkshake
You can get yourself one of these from here for £9.99

*We were given the Chillfactor for our own photos and opinions* 

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