Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Minnie Mouse Kitchen Review

Summer has always wanted a play kitchen and due to limited space it just wasn't possible, I had seen the small knee high ones and to be honest they looked flimsy and not worth the money.  Well I have been proved totally wrong and wished I had spent the money and got her one years ago.

The day we received it; Summer was in a right mood after being picked up from school.  I told her I had a surprise for her when we got home but that didn't brighten her mood, until she saw what I had for her.  She was over the moon with what we had to review, as you can tell by the picture below.

Summer waiting for me to open it
Summer waiting for me to open it 

Summer immediately asked me to get it out for her and we could put it up together (in her own little words).

We got everything out of the box and between Summer and I we put the kitchen together, I like putting stickers how the picture shows but Summer likes putting them where she likes.

Me and Summer getting the kitchen ready for her to play
Me and Summer getting the kitchen ready for her to play 

Included with the kitchen you get 40+ accessories (I did count them) and what was even better, there was enough with the kitchen to get Summer using her imagination and get playing while I was putting stickers on without having to go out and buy items for her to play with it. Whilst we were putting it together we noticed that the grid part of the kitchen pulls up and turns into a mixer and stays up with a little clip which Summer can do with no help which is fantastic 

All the accessories you get
All the accessories you get 

This is a fantastic little kitchen and Summer has had hours of playing. On the many occasions she has asked me to keep an eye on her cakes, all of a sudden from upstairs she has shouted 'my oven is going off' 

The End Results
The end results

*I got this to review for my own photos and thoughts*

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