Sunday, 6 November 2016

Biggest Adventure to Date

Nanna, Auntie Kristine and I spent months planning, booking and saving for our biggest adventure yet, but would also be a surprise for all of the girls. About a month before we went, I ended up telling Kacy, me telling her "I said so" wasn't good enough reason for her not to spend her money and she knew that I was not telling her something, she is too quick for her own good.

The Plan;
Thursday: Drive down to Farnham, see Granny and spend the afternoon with her.
Friday: Harry Potter Studio first thing and then to go out for a meal with Granny, Great Auntie Susie and Great Uncle Alan
Saturday: National History Museum
Sunday: travel home

A good tip for you if there is a certain date and time you want for Harry Potter Studio Tour, book it there and then so you don't miss out, when I went to book it for the Friday they were fully booked and the only time they had was the Thursday at 6:30 and with not wanting to miss out I booked it.

The Actual Plan;
Thursday: Nanna, Grandad, Auntie Kris leave at 9:30 to drive to Granny's check into the hotels, and then drive to the Studio Tour. We leave at 1pm and drive straight to the Studio Tour.
Friday: Spend the day in Farnham
Saturday: National History Museum
Sunday: Travel Home

It got to the day before and I told the girls to make a bag of toys for in the car and pick out some clothes, the younger two didn't even ask why! I was surprised by that.

On the Thursday morning Daddy found out that we needed two tyres agh! Not what you want to hear before you go away, so I rang around seeing if Kwikfit had the tyres in stock, they did. Before I headed off to the garage, I took Spirit to the kennels which I hated, if we could've taken her we would have done. Then I went to spend two hours sat there waiting for the tyres to be changed, while texting Daddy a list of things I thought of that needed to be done. I finally got home then quickly cleaned Archie out and cleaned Harriet's toilet then it was time for lunch before we all got into the car.

Lets fast forward 5 hours:

We got to The Studio Tours, Kira was that surprised she didn't know what to say or do; she just sat in the car speechless, then a couple of minutes later Nanna, Grandad and Auntie Kris turned up and the girls ran to them and gave them big hugs, the younger two again didn't know they were coming.

As we turned up an hour early we went inside and got a bite to eat, the restaurant was expensive but the portions were massive for the price, we even had time to go into the shop before we did the tour, we spent a small fortune.

The tour was absolutely amazing, you get to see where they filmed it and how the filmed it, all the little things you didn't know or didn't see in the film. You get to fly a broomstick, you get to see the props they used, how they filmed different parts of the film, you can have wand lessons, you don't get rushed round, you can take the tour at your own leisure.  I don't want to ruin it by showing you all my hundreds of photos I took, so here is the first photo that was taken.

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You have got to try the Butter Beer which Nanna and I really liked, Kacy on the other hand

Kacy trying Butter Beer
Kacy trying Butter Beer

Forward on to Friday, we spent the day in Farnham with Granny, showing the younger two Farnham. Kacy comes to Farnham at least twice a year to spend a week with Granny.  One thing we went to show them, which even I didn't know, was Granny's first house, she has moved a lot around Farnham. While Auntie Kris and Grandad did their own thing, we all went to Farnham park, which is new and it was fantastic! It was all made out of wood and had a little castle in the middle, the girls had a fantastic time letting off some steam. It was soon time for lunch in Kacy's favourite place to eat, which was the church, we headed back to Granny's then it was off to a garden centre and Auntie Susie and Uncle Alan joined us. It has been 8-9 years since I have been to Farnham and I loved coming to this garden centre and looking at the animals, it has changed so much, nothing like it was when I was a little girl!  In the evening we went out for some tea with the whole family which was fantastic again, it has been years since we have all been together.

Saturday, we got up extremely early to head into London, we ended up stopping in Waterloo to grab a McDonalds breakfast, we got the tube to the museum and we joined the massive queue, we actually found out it opened at 9:30 in the half term but it said 10 on the website, a women told us it was 40 minutes wait, but thankfully it was only 20 minutes. Whilst in the queue we got a kids book and in the back was a map which Kira loved telling us where to go (I spent longer in the queue for the cloak room.)

The younger two first time on a tube
The younger two's first time on a tube
Rather than trying to please everyone in our group we split up, Grandad and Auntie Kris, Daddy and Kacy, Nanna, Kira, Summer and Me (some how me and Nanna got the worse end of the deal). The first place we went to was the Dinosaur section which was amazing - there was so much to see, Summer loved it up till we saw the T Rex that roared and moved.  Next stop was where Kira wanted to go and that was the Volcano section, Nanna took Kira around this section mostly due to me have a screaming Summer due to a noise from the back of the room where they had a earthquake simulator, Kira loved telling us all about it and what she had learnt in year 3.

We all meet up for lunch and told everyone what we had seen and done, worked out what everyone else wanted to look at and worked out times and went off in different sections again, with Summer still being frighted of the noise I took her to the Creepy Crawlies section, while Nanna took Kira to the Mammal section, At first she was very unnerved but soon realised it was fun, there was no big noises and lots of things to see and do, including going into a life like massive termite mound.

Some Photo of our day
Some photos of our day
We all meet back up, I had promised the girls they could go on a ride if they were good, which Nanna, Auntie Kris and I went on to with one child each.  We then jumped on the tube to go to the M&M shop which was good but wouldn't be in a hurry to go back again.

We got the train back to Farnham and went to Granny's for fish and chips and then the hotel for bed, it had been a long but fantastic day out, we all can't wait to take them back to London but to see other sites.

We had a fantastic couple of days away and can't wait to go on our next big adventure.

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