Monday, 7 November 2016

Labyrinth Board Game Review

As a family we love playing board games, I try and find different ones so that all ages can play but sometimes this can be hard with the big age gap between Kacy and Summer.  I had look at Labyrinth a fair few times in the shop and wondered if Kacy would like it but never got round to buying it due to buying games for all of us to play.  When we got the opportunity to review it I thought it would be a perfect time for Kacy to have one on one time with Daddy and I.

Labyrinth Game
Labyrinth Game

As we were setting the game up, Kacy mentioned that someone had brought it into school last year and no-one could figure out how to play it, so we read the instructions a fair few times so we knew what we were doing.  After getting our head around the instructions it was really easy and we got started.

setting the game up
Setting the game up


1 Game Board
34 Maze Cards
24 Object Cards
4 Playing pieces

Object of the game:
Search the Laybrinth for your magical objects and characters by carefully moving through the constantly changing maze.  The first player to find all their objects and characters and then return to the starting square is the winner.


The first time you play it, you carefully remove the maze and the object cards from the stamped cards, and shuffle the maze and object cards extremely well, with the maze cards you make up a random maze. One maze card will be left over; this will be used during the game for moving the maze pathways, also deal the object cards to each player till they are all gone, keeping them face down,  Each player chooses a playing piece and put it on the same colour starting square.

How to play:

On your turn, look at the top card in your stack without showing it to the other players. You now have to try and get to the square showing the same pictures as on your card.  To do this, first insert a maze card and move your playing piece.  The youngest player goes first and play continues in a clockwise direction.

Shifting the pathways:

Along the edge of the board are 12 arrows. When it is your turn you must choose one of the arrows and then insert a maze card, which will push out a maze card at the opposite end.  The card that is pushed out remains on the edge of the board until it is inserted elsewhere during the next player's turn.  A maze card cannot be pushed back in at the same place as the previous player pushed it out. (this bit got a bit confusing and we couldn't remember where it had come out of so we used the last playing piece and put it where the maze piece had just come out of. )

Players must make a move within the maze when it is your turn even if you can't get to your character card.

This game is so much fun, each time you play it, it wouldn't be the same - it could last 20 minutes to a couple of hours you just never know.

In full Swing
In full swing 
All the way through it looked like Kacy was going to win, but Daddy actually won and Kacy lost with me in the middle, Kacy wasn't impressed.

If you're looking for a board game for your little ones for christmas I would highly recommend it. Its for ages 7 plus.

*we were given this game for our own views*

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