Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Our December's Plan

December is a busy time of year for everyone, getting the few last items for presents or starting to buy presents, seeing family or getting out and about.  It's the one time of year we as a family are usually not that busy or we miss out on doing things because we leave it too late BUT not this year I am determined to do things we have missed out on.

As usual we will do ELF on the shelf breakfast and they will get up to mischief throughout December.  I didn't get round to write up what the Elf got up to last year so this is on my to do list this year. You can read about our first Elf breakfast here, last year I tried hard to hopefully get Kacy believing in the magic again and all she did was roll her eyes at me so this year I will step up the game again.

If you are a regular reader you might have seen that in the summer holidays we went to the World of Glass and had a fantastic time, we did it again in the October half term and yes we love it that much I have booked for us to go again for the Christmas theme and have paid for me and Daddy to do it too.  We have got some friends coming along with us as well which will make it extra fun for the girls. You can read about it here and find more information here 

This is when we went in the Summer Holidays
This is when we went in the summer holidays 
In the same weekend I have just booked the girls to go and see Father Christmas, I love going to ones that people have recommended to me, We are heading to a National Trust place Speke Hall, We have been there a fair few times and love it we don't go as often as we'd like because Spirit can't go everywhere. They are decorating the house into a traditional Victorian theme christmas, you can listen to carols in the Great Hall and enjoy a festive meal in the restaurant. Tip for you - it is booking up extremely fast for the National Trust Father Christmas so book now so you don't miss out.

The weekend the 10th and 11th I am in Manchester for a proper girly night with two special friends, we are staying in a hotel so we can all have a drink and going to go around the Christmas markets and a proper good catch up, we try and plan something every year but we leave it so late to organise it that it never happens, I'm really looking forward to this weekend.

The Friday the 16th is Kacy's 11th Birthday (can we stop time?!) she has now decided she doesn't want anything she has asked for (well she does) and she wants her bedroom decorated instead so we have said yes to this.  We have warned her it wouldn't be happening till at least February when the weather warms up.  On the same day it is the start of the EYFS school play, I can't wait to find out what Summer will be.   On the Sunday we are busy as well, Summer and I have a got a friend's joint birthday party then it will be Kacy's Mad Hatter's tea party - she has planned it to a T - she has invited the friends she wants to come and told them what she wants them to dress up as, she has arranged her outfit, we just need to sort her waist coat out.

Kacy loving the hat I have brought her
Kacy loving the hat I have brought her
The weekend after is Christmas Eve I am not sure what we are doing. It is the first time in a long time it has fallen at a weekend, due to going on Christmas day for lunch we can go and do something fun, I would love to take the girls to a Christmas Panto but I don't think we have got time.

Have you got anything exciting planned for December

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