Sunday, 4 December 2016

Christmas World Of Glass

If you follow me on Instagram or have read my latest blog with what we have got planned this month, you will know that we have been to World of Glass a fair few times and the girls love it.  As soon as I found out they were doing a Christmas one I eagerly waited for the email to say we could book tickets, I was telling a couple of the Mums from school about it and they loved the idea and booked on too.

We arrived and managed to get around one table with the adults on small chairs (work that one out), Lynne who does the craft sessions went through what we could do, the younger three got a plaque and a little angel, the older 3 got one glass bauble each and Kira got to decide whether she wanted to be younger one or an older one, she decided she wanted a plaque and a angel like the younger ones.

There was several options of what we could copy onto our baubles/plaques, Kacy and Summer choose Christmas trees but slightly different designs, Kira chose a Reindeer.  Everyone had a fantastic time drawing the outline onto their baubles or plaques, then it was time to decide what colours you wanted to paint, you do two coats on to them - the first one is a really thin layer.

World of glass
Having loads of fun
After we have done the first layer, Lynne came over and gave us our next craft to do which was do a card, where again you could draw the picture first, then paint it with a very thin layer.  Kacy picked a snowman, Kira a penguin, Summer a Christmas pudding and so that we didn't end up with all the same pictures I had to do a bell - you got less choice with the card, because you had to make sure they fitted in your window.

While we waited for the paint to dry we could do other crafts from, colouring in, reindeer making, wreath making, Christmas tree sticking and all sorts of crafts, the children never got bored. The time flew and it was soon time to do the second coat of paint and stick the glass to the cards.

More fun
Having more fun
I didn't take as many pictures as I would've liked due to joining in with the fun, which is more important.  Everyone had a fantastic afternoon, this is our third visit to the World of Glass and we will definitely be doing the craft session again in February.

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